Amazon faced criticism in June 2020 when it voiced its ‘support’ for the Black Lives Matter movement despite having sold its racially biased facial recognition software to a number of police forces across the US.

On Sunday, 23rd August, the National Trust posted a thread on Twitter as a part of its commemoration of UNESCO’s Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. In the thread, the Trust acknowledged and explained the links between various artefacts in its collections and colonial-era slavery.

A significant number of users responded to what they saw as the ‘politicisation’ of the National Trust, with many threatening to cancel their memberships.

The National Trust’s post marks their admission to an ever growing group of organisations that have recently chosen to speak out about racism in the UK…

Mark Paul

Mark Paul is a Philosophy post-graduate student at King's College London. Find him on Twitter @m_s_paul.

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